Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls For Your Music

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New Himalayan Singing bowls are gradually making their way into peoples homes, they have a very unique and calming vibration sound that is beginning to really catch on.

Kinds of New Himalayan Singing Bowls

You will find bronze singing bowls, gold bronze singing bowls, faith bowls, expect bowls, and peace bowls. The differences between all these bowls are the various colours of every bowl and most importantly the sound of each individual bowl. You can go into any one these names and see pictures of the bowl and listen to the person sound it creates. If you place an order you will find the exact bowl you saw and it will make the specific amazing sound you heard. All singing bowls are hand hammered, and beautifully polished. Each singing bowl has been chosen for its sound quality and just the best and most effective bowls are available for sale. Each bowl includes a handmade cushion and two handmade mallets. Every one of the faith singing bowl includes a unique design saying faith along with a Jesus fish on the inside. Each hope singing bowl includes a unique design that spells hope and contains got the star of David on the inside. Each adore singing bowls come hand hammered together with the word love on it and hearts decorated on it. You can opt to hear any bowl which you would like to hear and that's the exact bowl you are going to get. The peace bowl comes engraved and hand hammered together with the word peace on it. It also has three peace doves engraved on the exterior. The peace bowl also has one peace dove and the word peace engraved on the inside too. Each bowl has an individual sound and is made with the utmost respect for the product. Visit our website